The insane amount of air in a new bag of potato chips

Look… I get it, okay? The air is there to “protect” all the “chips” in the bag from being crushed by “other bags of chips.” Because somehow, chips are both so heavy AND so fragile that we have to worry about those two adjectives infringing on one another.

But let me tell you something: I don’t care.

When I’m cradling a taut bag of wavy Lay’s, I’m led to believe its tautness stems from being full – absolutely full – of crispy little delights. Though, as we both know, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Pringles, this message isn’t aimed at you. Your tubes are totally brimmed and I love you for that (and who am I kidding, I also love you for the opportunity to look like a duck every time I’m snacking). But all you other crunch creators? Tread lightly.

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