When Petty Peeves launched in 2010, it was called 1,000 UnAwesome Things, and it existed as a lighthearted parody of Neil Pasricha’s 1,000 Awesome Things. Back then, when I was in my second year of college, all I wanted to do was share one annoying little thing every weekday.

About four months into that project, I basically gave up. And in September of 2010, I stopped posting all together.

That feels like a lifetime ago. Recently, however, I remembered that some people really loved coming to 1,000 UnAwesome Things and reading what I had to say, sharing their “unawesome” stories with me, and showing general interest in the site. Back then, when I still cared about that project, I was having a lot of fun. Now I want to keep having fun, and I think we can – together.

So, to everyone who stops by for a minute or two… or decides to follow Petty Peeves on Instagram… or has a peeve they’d like to share with the world